United Way of Volusia/Flagler Counties

Initiative Background:

The Volusia/Flagler Success By 6® began in March 1999 with an initial organizing group consisting of Dr. Pamela Patrick, County Councilman Big John, community leaders Tom Staed and Jim Gardner, and the Executive Director of United Way, Greg Milliken. This "champion group" organized the first Steering Committee of business leaders, community advocates and consumers and began monthly planning meetings. Early efforts to build community awareness and promote "buy-in" of business and community groups included development of the strategic plan, attending statewide Success by 6® seminars and conferences, participation in special events to promote the Success by 6® message, kick-off events, development of materials for public education and establishing collaborative relationships with community programs; e.g., Born to Read, America's Promise. Steering Committee membership included representation from the Daytona International Speedway Corporation, ITT, Staed & Associates, Memorial Hospital, Halifax Fish Community Health, Palm Coast Data, Nations Bank, and a host of community, education, and government representatives. Monthly meetings continue to date.

Priorities for 2002:

Our Success By 6® initiative is looking forward to a very productive year. After a year of fund raising, our initiative has secured the funds to partner with our local public service station, WCEU, Channel 15. WCEU will produce a 60 minute video for broadcast focusing on the importance of early brain development. Additionally, 1000 six to eight minute videos will be produced to be used a "handouts" to new parents. Our target date for completion is July 1. We will be enlisting service organizations throughout our county to "adopt" local day-care centers that are working to achieve accreditation. Success by 6® and First Call for Help will be working with Healthy Communities to facilitate the Ford Motor Foundation's "Boost America" car seat program. Last year Success By 6®, First Call for Help and our Volunteer Center's Americorp Fellow created a "United Way Family Activity Book". The book was created to reach families about the importance of early brain development, health and safety and community spirit. Our goal is to bring families together in a fun and engaging way. Through the activity book we introduced "Trip", our Success By 6® mascot, the "Success By 6 Club", and the "Sunshine Kids" to encourage families to become more interested in brain development and nurturing activities between parents and children. Our goal this year is to have 1000 of the activity books printed to distribute to families at events throughout the year. We will also be creating a speaker's bureau by mid-year. Our initiative partners with: the Volusia School Readiness Coalition, Child Care Resource Network, Head Start, Easter Seals, Constituency for Children, Youth and Families, One Voice Volusia, Healthy Start Coalition, Born to Read, Communities in Action Coalition,and the League of Women Voters.

Public Policy in 2002:

Volusia and Flagler counties have worked hard over the years to create effective and lasting collaborations. Through these partnerships our community reached a consensus regarding a Child Advocacy Joint Legislative Platform for 2002. Issues included within this platform are: supporting economic development and self-sufficiency, assure adequate funding for health and human services, restore and maintain adequate funding for the transportation disadvantaged, support for juvenile delinquency prevention programs, community based care services, early childhood development and care, maximize enrollment for all eligible uninsured children, healthy start services/coalition structure and healthy families, and education funding reflecting the needs of the school district. Success By 6® is also involved in the Public Policy Committee through United Way of Volusia and Flagler Counties. Our initiative was recently awarded a Public Policy/Advocacy mini-grant through United Way of Florida. Our initiative used the dollars to send the Success By 6® Coordinator and three partnership members to Tallahassee for the legislative session. Individuals from The Communities in Action Coalition, League of Women Voters and One Voice Volusia were able to attend the session the week of February 18. As a follow-up, The Constituency for Children, Youth and Families will host a forum with our legislators to review the outcomes of this year's session.

Leadership Council Members in 2002:

Our Leadership Council meets on a monthly basis, members include:
Dr.Pamela Patrick, Chair
Lori Campbell Baker, Manager Community Relations, Daytona International Speedway
Rick Czesnakowicz, Progressive Communications
Robert Elkin, Senior Vice President, Palm Coast Data
Marjorie Eubank, R.L. Johnson & Co., PA
Senta Goudy, Director, The House Next Door
Peromnia Grant, Volusia County Schools
Forough Hosseini, Intewest Construction Inc.
Judi Maloy, Director, Head Start
Dell Trayer, Flagler County School Board
Rick Goupil, Daytona USA

For information, please contact-
United Way of Volusia and Flagler Counties/Success by 6®
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Daytona Beach, FL 32724
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