"Will these children be ready for school?" (564 KB)
Children's activities in the first few years of life prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Quality early education changes how the brain wires itself and improves literacy and the ability to learn. This paper presents seven fundamental concepts that help define school readiness and answer the question.

Bright From the Start PDF Format What the New Brain Research Tells Us About Prevention and School Readiness
If every child is provided a loving, nurturing environment during the earliest years, opportunities for success in school - and in life - are greatly enhanced. The research highlighted in these publications provides a compelling rationale for focusing attention on early childhood development. By listening to what this exciting new brain research is telling us, we can build a better tomorrow.

Windows of Opportunity PDF Format What the New Brain Research Tells Us About Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities
In 1999, the NationsBank Foundation, the United Way of Florida, the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, and the Florida Success By 6 Partnership sponsored the development of policy papers designed to bridge recent findings in brain development research with prevention and early intervention policies directly affecting young children and their families.

"Children Do Come with Directions"PDF Format
Good parenting is not easy. It can be both a joy and a challenge requiring time, skill, and patience. Parents often have questions or problems and don't know where to find the answers. This booklet provides information about child health, safety and development, and information about choosing quality child care. This is a large file, 1,792 KB, please allow sufficient time to download and open.

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